27 August, 2011


I am attending New York Fashion Week once again! I am so flattered and grateful to be invited and sponsored by Tumblr again. Many thanks to Rich Tong for his hard work. I could imagine exploding from stress if I were in his shoes. I can't wait to go to New York once again and meet the 19 other bloggers! I am also super excited to be flying with Jessica and Lucia to New York on the 4th of February. Soon you can view photos from my trip on my Tumblr at www.papertissue.tumblr.com/tagged/nyfw :)

19 August, 2011


Hi guys! I haven't posted in ages due to school (trying to catch up before I miss a couple of weeks of Year 12). So since I don't have any photos to share, I thought I'd post some of my school work! If you're not interested in bad graphic design then click away. As you can tell, I compensated for my bad drawing skills by purposefully looking like it was drawn by a 5 year old.
This is supposed to be a swing tag for a clothing brand. It is supposed to look recycled! My first graphic design piece. The background is recycled paper in the tag I submitted.

Here are a few mock-up calendars. It's supposed to come as a freebie in a magazine.

And here is an editorial in my magazine!

Haha I mainly wanted to post these up so I can keep them for later. In a few years I can see how much I have changed. It is really fascinating now looking at all the things I have created when I was younger. I hope it was slightly entertaining. Don't worry, in 2 weeks I'll have HEAPS of photos up (it's still a secret ;))

06 August, 2011


I have really exciting news I'm itching to tell you all but you will hear in good time! Here are some random film photos. I love film so much more than digital but it costs around $20 a roll for the film and developing here! Poo.
Pita bread, falafel and hummus. Soooo yum and it only takes 5 minutes to make!
Painting things.