30 January, 2010

Last Wednesday we went to the Suzuki Market. It was quite fun and the range of food was incredible.

It didn't taste like Chai.

29 January, 2010

On Monday we went mini golfing at Waterfront City. All their walls were painted all nice :)

We had ice-cream and watched yet another band. (He is not Robbie Williams.)

28 January, 2010

We went to Docklands for lunch and stuff on Sunday.

I got a candy watch from the arcade.

I absolutely loved this band, Francolin. I'm actually listening to them at the moment :)

27 January, 2010

We went to the Caroline Springs festival on the weekend. Sorry these posts are so late! I've been attending too many post Australia Day festivals.

We rode this after the fireworks and it was FREEZING! But so beautiful up there :)

This little bugger was hard to photograph >_>


Then I had a cup of Chai Hot Chocolate. Pretty insane.

Ashleigh thought it would be funny to shove her butt in all my photos.

And I got a spray on tattoo.