18 December, 2009


We checked out the restaurants on Dempsey Hill after dinner:


My cousin, Donna Ong made these :):

Sorry the quality is horrible, it was pretty much pitch black in there. She made insects out of clocks. 

Then we ate beancurd on the road. The lady there worked from 8am-2am! D;

Arab Street. I bought a film camera and salt and pepper shakers. 

Arlen's favourite colour.

And he broke it..

Bugis Junction night market.

I love these fried banana things!

My new favourite shop. I wish we had one in Melbourne!! They have absolutely everything.

I bought the pink flamingo :)

My grandmother has nice disks.

15 December, 2009

So far:
- I have ordered new glasses at Parkway Parade. I can’t wait til’ they are ready; I can hardly see anything in my current ones.
- Spent $9 on two scoops of ice cream. Apparently a paper cup for another scoop costs more than $3.
- Spent $7 on instant noodles.
- Did not spend $12 on apple juice.
- Or $9 on coffee.
- Arlen had a fever on our first day here. Nevertheless, he went swimming with us.
- Tried grape and bubblegum dippin’ dots.
- Bought a dress with the magnetic tag on.
- Walked around resembling a zombie all day because dad couldn’t stop snoring.
- Went to church. It was cold.
- Went on the MRT (their version of our shoddy trains, I presume) and heck it was cool. It’s indoors and they have walls to prevent prams being blown onto the tracks. Genius.
- They have poles to hold on to. But not just any pole, a pole which is split into three! (So that multiple people can hold onto one pole.. duh)
- Their traffic lights have countdowns, too.
- I guess you guys can tell I’m easily amused.
- Went to a flea market at Arab Street and bought a film camera and Yakult salt and pepper shakers.
- Went to Raffles and bought bread that looks, feels and smells like bread.. but it isn’t bread. Dad was amazed and bought heaps of it.
- Went to Bugis Junction. The night market is crazy!
- Ate at Sakae Teppanyaki.
- That is all.


My grandparents.