22 February, 2010

Went to the St Kilda festival on Sunday. Not the Sunday yesterday. Sunday the 14th of February. I know, I'm horrible at updating!!

What the heck! Can somebody please explain how this happened? I swear I did not Photoshop the rainbow in.

This balloon kept hitting Smile in the face, so I had to let it go :(

We walked along the pier. Auto-curves does amazing things to water.

We watched Washington. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

This was actually a mistake but I like it :)

Then we caught a train to Crown Casino:

We queued up with sweaty people for around 10 minutes for this :P

Valentines day/Singles Awareness day :)

We also went to China Town:

How unfortunate.

We watched really loud firecrackers and visited E.B. Games:

Then I ate this thing.

17 February, 2010

On Saturday, Luke and I went to the Blackbird markets in Fitzroy. I kinda missed the bokeh my 50mm 1.8 lens had, so I whipped it out once again. The limits were quite painful, though.. especially when taking photos of food. Does anyone know of a lens which has the bokeh of the 50mm with the flexibility of a kit lens? (18-55mm)

Timothy and Wilderness: http://www.myspace.com/timothyandwilderness

A cool window.

A nice cupcake.

A nice falafel burger.

A nice wall.

Great Earthquake. He's a really super talented and nice guy. He played multiple instruments, recorded them and looped them to make amazing songs: http://www.myspace.com/greatearthquake

I seriously love these.

Yeah Blackbird market is awesome. Check it: http://www.blackbirdmarket.com/

16 February, 2010

That was taken a day before this:

And here's a crappy screenshot of a video I took..

Melbourne weather is absolutely lovely!

11 February, 2010

I went to my neighbour's birthday party on Sunday and we went to the beach at Altona after school on Monday.

This is their dog, Max. He is huge and scares me quite a lot. I remember feeding him from my hands when he was a puppy.

We know how to have fun.

They don't look much like fish.

There were a million little snails everywhere. Squeeee.


I'm pretty sure I posted a picture like this on Tumblr, but I like it anyway.