19 August, 2011


Hi guys! I haven't posted in ages due to school (trying to catch up before I miss a couple of weeks of Year 12). So since I don't have any photos to share, I thought I'd post some of my school work! If you're not interested in bad graphic design then click away. As you can tell, I compensated for my bad drawing skills by purposefully looking like it was drawn by a 5 year old.
This is supposed to be a swing tag for a clothing brand. It is supposed to look recycled! My first graphic design piece. The background is recycled paper in the tag I submitted.

Here are a few mock-up calendars. It's supposed to come as a freebie in a magazine.

And here is an editorial in my magazine!

Haha I mainly wanted to post these up so I can keep them for later. In a few years I can see how much I have changed. It is really fascinating now looking at all the things I have created when I was younger. I hope it was slightly entertaining. Don't worry, in 2 weeks I'll have HEAPS of photos up (it's still a secret ;))


RDYN! said...

I think these attempts at design are really successful. I definitely love the colours :)

atmzeal said...

i think the bottom middle calendar is the best since it's simple but has a little meat to it. it also has more clarity and is not as tonally busy as the others.

keep it up!

[n][i][c][o][l][e] said...

You're right, sometimes I look back at my old blogs and it amazes me how quickly we change... within a year or so hundreds of things happen!

Those designs are really cute, and your photos are always so amazing, I can't wait for that secret post :)


Anonymous said...

ekks, i have a feeling someone is off to fashion week again !

tara said...

i love the calendar pieces; they're gorgeous.

Chels said...

I really like the work you did with the calendars, I love cutesy calendars like that! And the frames around the magazine editorial pictures are lovely too!
Pretty good attempt at graphic design ;)