05 April, 2010

Selling more prints

I'm selling all prints on my blog.

The prices are:
     6 x 4"           $3
6 x 8"    $6
8 x 12"   $10
(not including shipping!)

If you're interested, please email me at jeanninetan@gmail.com with:

1.) The size you would like
2.) Glossy or matte finish
3.) Your name, address and method of payment (Paypal is preferred).

Thanks :)


Victor Paredes said...

I really love all of your photos... I like the post-production so much! If I could, I'd buy a lot of prints... What program do you use to process your pics? Do you have any preset for them?

Thank you! :)

Jeannine said...

I use Adobe Photoshop and I have a preset that I change a lot. It evolves with every photo :P

Deniise. (: said...

I really wanna buy the Prints Badly but My Mom wouldn;t allow. ): Parents. Psh. Hahas.

Just asking, Are you Singaporean-Australian? Because if that Photo Taken by a Macbook was you, you look like a Singaporean(:


Jeannine said...

I'm Singaporean :))

Anonymous said...

just wondering for that photo what gradient did you use? or how did you get that colour ?

malamigpusa said...

hi, i know this has nothing to do with prints...but wheree and how do you get your layout? i love it!

mm. said...

Hi there. You have a fabulous eye... what kind of camera do you use?

arastal said...


well i'm not here for anything so u can ignore me.

Katherine said...

Hey i was wondering how u got your tumblr to have advertisements on it