06 April, 2010

We went to Kyneton for lunch... Oven Break is one of the best games on the iPhone, really!

They gave us vegetables freshly picked from their garden. It was pretty cool. I loved the dark natural light and the atmosphere was really great. After that, I worked until 11pm. It was a great Easter Sunday :))


C. Wade said...

Fantastic tones in your photos as always. You're very inspiring!

kaitlin said...

wow amazing photos. you both look great! xx


♥JASLIN. said...

Hi Jeannine! I love all your photos, they are all so inspiring and beautiful! Can I ask you a question? Are you an Australian-Chinese? Cos I'm a Tan too and I'm pretty curious. XD

Jeannine said...

Thanks! I'm Chinese Chinese :D
Or something like that.
I was born in Singapore, too.. I think there are heaps of Tan's living in Singapore :P