22 February, 2010

Went to the St Kilda festival on Sunday. Not the Sunday yesterday. Sunday the 14th of February. I know, I'm horrible at updating!!

What the heck! Can somebody please explain how this happened? I swear I did not Photoshop the rainbow in.

This balloon kept hitting Smile in the face, so I had to let it go :(

We walked along the pier. Auto-curves does amazing things to water.

We watched Washington. Amazing, amazing, amazing.

This was actually a mistake but I like it :)

Then we caught a train to Crown Casino:

We queued up with sweaty people for around 10 minutes for this :P

Valentines day/Singles Awareness day :)

We also went to China Town:

How unfortunate.

We watched really loud firecrackers and visited E.B. Games:

Then I ate this thing.


♥JASLIN. said...

Awww what a nice place! And such beautiful photos! :D

rachelrhapsody said...

I keep realising I've been at the same place as you from your photos and blog.
Me and my boyfriend walked past the same show in China Town and were like whaat? cause we couldn't see anything past the crowd. Then in your previous post you said about being at Altona Beach the same day I was there. It's weird.
I love your photography by the way.

Sam and Livi said...

beautiful beautiful photos!!

Lulu said...

your photos are simply brilliant. so real and stunning.
lovely =]

postcards from dreamland

Gaston said...

I love your pictures! :)


Jeannine said...

rachelrhapsody: I am absolutely not stalking you.. *shifty eyes*?

Gaston: I love YOUR pictures, dude :)

anggiew said...

hey i randomly found your blog. and i love your blog!!! whoaaaaa cool pictures everywhere! and i really love melbourne, i've only been in melbourne for 3 days but i fell in love ever since. <3. such a beautiful city! =) keep posting! nice to know you anyway

trina's reality said...

You have such an amazing blog! Your photography is beautiful.

inês said...

hello! i'm a bit of a stalker, because i've been following your blog for a while, but i finally decided to comment and say that i just love all of your pictures, you have such a way of capturing things.
i think you're very talented, and thanks for sharing these little pieces of your life with all of us!

Lívia Estrella said...

beauuuuuutiful photos!
that with rainbow it was so magic!
you've a good point of view of things (:

kisses from brazil!


is that tofu on the dish?



Jeannine said...

Thaaank you guys!
ANDWHATELSEISTHERE: It's winter melon. :)

Jeannine said...

Thaaank you guys!
ANDWHATELSEISTHERE: It's winter melon. :)

Jessica said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jess said...

when are you going to update again?
what IS that in that cup of fish eyeballs?

Jeannine said...

SOON! I promise! There is homework to do, a Tumblr to update, people to talk to, things to see... And a roll of film to be developed ;)

They are fish eyeballs in that cup of fish eyeballs, Jess. :)

jess said...

really? they ARE fish eyeballs?
or were you just being sarcastic?

oh its fine i just like your blog updates more than your tumblrs 'cuz i get to see your actual work, but you dont update a lot ;( ahhaha, its ok

Jeannine said...

I certainly hope not!
Nah, they weren't.. unless fish have really tasty eyes.

Aww, thanks so much, Jess :)

Jeannine said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rick said...

Your feelings for the person at the other side of the camera put that rainbow in. =)