17 February, 2010

On Saturday, Luke and I went to the Blackbird markets in Fitzroy. I kinda missed the bokeh my 50mm 1.8 lens had, so I whipped it out once again. The limits were quite painful, though.. especially when taking photos of food. Does anyone know of a lens which has the bokeh of the 50mm with the flexibility of a kit lens? (18-55mm)

Timothy and Wilderness: http://www.myspace.com/timothyandwilderness

A cool window.

A nice cupcake.

A nice falafel burger.

A nice wall.

Great Earthquake. He's a really super talented and nice guy. He played multiple instruments, recorded them and looped them to make amazing songs: http://www.myspace.com/greatearthquake

I seriously love these.

Yeah Blackbird market is awesome. Check it: http://www.blackbirdmarket.com/


Artpixie said...

Jeannine these photos are so pretty!
I probably shouldn't went with you guys to blackbird market.

Johan Ruda said...

Beautiful photos as usual! Especally love numer 2!

I have no idea about your question about the lens, but keep me updated about it! I'm looking for one too :)

atmzeal said...

no zooms exist with a 1.8 aperture so technically, only primes (eg 35 1.4L, 24 1.4L, 28 1.8L, sigma 301.4) can get you the same dof. as for bokeh, it's determined by design and # of aperture blades. the 50mm canon's are hailed as nearly L professional quality, despite price, so few lenses can match price-quality. you'd have to look at samples or try out different lenses at a store to see if it's acceptable blur.

btw, since you have a cropped sensor camera, your 50mm is not the equivalent as your film SLR 50mm (its like 1.6x crop factor) which is why you might feel more restricted now; it's more like an 80mm prime compared to what 35mm film shooters used. that's because manufacturers screwed the public and only make full frame bodies for semi-pro prices 2k+

Anonymous said...

Great photos, you make me miss melbourne so much!

Artpixie said...

woops i meant I should have went to the market with you guys.

Lies said...

When I see your photos, I sooooo wanna go on vacation!
They're amazing!

Sekar said...

Hello Jeannine..
I love your photos of Parliament Station and the tram :) Looking your photos is sort of nostalgic...I miss Melbourne so much...

Jeannine said...

Artpixie: Yes, you should hav. :P Don't worry, it's happening every second Saturday of the month now :)

Johan Ruda: Thank you very much!

atmzeal: Wow, thanks a lot for your answer! You're a camera genius :). Maybe I'll get an SLR film with a 50mm :D

People: I'm sorry for making you miss Melbourne :(

Sally said...

i love you pictures!
how can i follow you?

Jeannine said...

Sally: Thank you. You can click follow on the right side bar ;)

ahmax said...

hi there! i'm a big fan of your tumblr blog and an even bigger fan of your personal blog here :D really your picures are so awesome and they always make my day. that's all. :)
oh and why don't you post your pictures on your tumblr? they're plain awesome and it should be publicised. : )

keep up the good work!


Thanks for visiting Blackbird, you took some amazing photos. I'm glad you enjoyed the day too. I was wondering if we would be able to use a couple of them in our image gallery, with full link credit to you of course.
Thanks! Sam x


Sam said...

Ah, I accidentally left that comment from my other account, sorry. It's Sam from Blackbird. =)

Jeannine said...

Sam: It would be an honour! Thank you so much.
I can't wait for March 13th. Keep up the great work :D