05 March, 2010

Here are some random snippets of the last two weeks. Sorry I've been so bad with updating! I shall collect my 2nd film roll soon from Smile's AE-1 (I didn't load the first one properly... I'm an idiot :( )

Some super spicy lentil curry that made me cry.

The best thing about Easter: Chocolate hot cross buns. I remember waking up JUST for these some mornings.

A Chinese New Year party.

A circus. It was my first time and it was all pretty good (sans the 'bouncing balls' act and the cheesy gangster poses).

My bread had holes in it and I was not pleased... So I took a photo of it :P

Mock chicken schnitzel sandwich. I would die without these! (Probably from malnutrition... but they're really good, too).

Part of a dress I really like wearing.

Chinese New Year dinner #3? It was a super dodgy restaurant and I'm pretty sure I tasted sand from my Chinese broccoli. They brought us to this room out the back where the toilet was and the door had a hole in it. Pretty gross. After this we had some creme brulee and pizza at a nicer place.

Smile's camera which I'm borrowing! I can't wait to see the results. Isn't it gorgeous?

This came out surprisingly straight!

These are my dad's. He doesn't wear them nearly as much as he should! Yeah, I'm jealous of my dad's shoes.

Weirdest desert ever! It was like.. Pandan flavoured creme brulee with green coconut ice-cream and caramelised sweet potato chips. I had to try it.

And yeah.. I saw George Michael!

But he was really small... Damn you, Ethiad stadium!!


CCWai said...

Another set of beautiful pictures! They are lovely. Analogues great but you might not get the best results in the first roll of films but they'll definitely get better as you practice! Would love to see the results!

Kelly said...

No need to be sorry :)
You're busy.I like the picture of the tray of eggs!

jess said...


dressandmouse said...

i always really enjoy your colors in your photos, and i also always wonder what settings you use to get such beautiful colors.

Anonymous said...



hello, hello!

i was wondering how did you achieve the colour for photo number 5 and 6? i am a canon eos 88 user and all my of photos turned out with such clarity. i'd like to achieve beautiful colour defects like those.


you have an eye for photography. i love your collection! i'm putting you on my blog list.