11 January, 2010

We drove to Adelaide, slept a night at a hotel and hopped on a ferry to Kangaroo Island.

Funny looking veggie burger..

We got bored and had a drawing competition.


HL said...

Hi, I'm quite fond of your photos! What Camera do you use?
I've been looking for a real nice one.
Can you help me?!

Thank you

atmzeal said...

ugh honey farm? little black flying things? *shivers*

dancing_in_the_rain said...

you're pictures are so beautiful.
Where were these taken? I wish I could go there where ever it is!

Jeannine said...

HL: It's all in the "About me" section :)

dancing_in_the_rain: Thank you, the pictures were taken in Adelaide and Kangaroo Island in Australia. I'm not exactly sure of the exact whereabouts because I took most of them while we were driving..

boda said...


Anonymous said...

Dont stop posting dear! :)