10 January, 2010


I loved this shop. The woman was super nice and gave me this good luck charm.

I want.

I didn't realise she was in the picture.

There goes $60...

Hello, Melbourne. I'm still quite fond of you... :)


lingying!:D said...

Wow love your photos!(:
Were you a Singaporean?

Jeannine said...

Thank you!
And yes, I was.

desmond said...

Hi Jeannine, i'm a follower on your tumblr, first of all i just wanna compliment on how wonderful your pictures and blogs are. But if you're matured enough to understand a little constructive criticisism, i wanna give a personal opinion okay? I think sometimes the edited photos you upload, the ones with the words? I think you're a bit too negative on life and love. I'm not complaining i love your work, but sometimes.. when others(esp girls) are not having such a good time, and when the log in and see words like that, it affirms their negative thoughts and they end up thinking everything is so sad. I mean, look at you.. you have money to go traveling around, probably 90% of everything you own is not paid by your own cash. Own cash don't mean pocket money given by parents by the way. So in a way i'm just curious as to why you're have such a negative perspective and so caught up with unnecessary emotions when your life ain't that sad at all? sorry for my tactlessness, hundreds of people follow and read your blogs, I hope you can focus more on encouraging instead of affirming people of their negative thoughts. Thanks for you patience throughout this message, I'm still a fan :)

Jeannine said...

Desmond: I don't create the pictures with words on my Tumblr and I Tumbelog these things because I think pictures and words go wonderfully together. I also think words are very much underrated and there is a lot of beauty to be seen within them, negative or not. I agree that I'm very privileged to be travelling around and I don't take it for granted. I love life, and I want other people to love it as well. Seeing that the pictures with words have the most likes and reblogs, I think people find it comforting to know that somebody else is experiencing whatever it is they may be. I'm sorry if the pictures I have collected have offended you in anyway. Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

hi. i just love your pics. :)