14 January, 2010

We went on a penguin tour and in their little waiting lobby they had a ton of cool fish :)

I apologize for the quality and complete lack of colour.. the guide had to use a red light, camera flashes weren't allowed and it was pitch black. :P

I think they're hugging..

This is supposed to mean something.

The sand I found in my shoe after we went sandboarding/tobogganing. It was 40 degrees celcius and we nearly died climbing up the dunes.

The sky turned from this..

To this in a few hours.. A friendly welcome from Melbourne :)


Nicole said...

the second last photo looks like my perfect meadow and something out of a dream. beautiful work lovely :)

Tom said...

I'm truly amazed about your blog and even more about your photos.

You are gifted with a very special view of the world surrounding you and with extraordinary photography skills.

It's a pleasure to follow your blog, thank you for sharing. :-)

Jeannine said...

Nicole: Thank you so much! I wish I had dreams like yours :P

Tom: Thanks! I really appreciate it and your comment means a lot to me:)
Your site is crazy awesome, by the way.

Stephen K said...

Just another set of awesome photos. Especially loved the first food one (is that halloumi... Ugh. Love halloumi), the field landscape and the one of the penguin just after the writing. I don't think it ruins the photo at all, it just makes the poor fellow look more vulnerable, it maybe even ADDS to the effect.

Jeannine said...

Stephen K: Thank you! Yes that is halloumi (although I much prefer saganaki :P). Thanks so much :)