15 December, 2009

So far:
- I have ordered new glasses at Parkway Parade. I can’t wait til’ they are ready; I can hardly see anything in my current ones.
- Spent $9 on two scoops of ice cream. Apparently a paper cup for another scoop costs more than $3.
- Spent $7 on instant noodles.
- Did not spend $12 on apple juice.
- Or $9 on coffee.
- Arlen had a fever on our first day here. Nevertheless, he went swimming with us.
- Tried grape and bubblegum dippin’ dots.
- Bought a dress with the magnetic tag on.
- Walked around resembling a zombie all day because dad couldn’t stop snoring.
- Went to church. It was cold.
- Went on the MRT (their version of our shoddy trains, I presume) and heck it was cool. It’s indoors and they have walls to prevent prams being blown onto the tracks. Genius.
- They have poles to hold on to. But not just any pole, a pole which is split into three! (So that multiple people can hold onto one pole.. duh)
- Their traffic lights have countdowns, too.
- I guess you guys can tell I’m easily amused.
- Went to a flea market at Arab Street and bought a film camera and Yakult salt and pepper shakers.
- Went to Raffles and bought bread that looks, feels and smells like bread.. but it isn’t bread. Dad was amazed and bought heaps of it.
- Went to Bugis Junction. The night market is crazy!
- Ate at Sakae Teppanyaki.
- That is all.


My grandparents.


Stephen K said...

More things you can do, and if you do, will thank me for later:
- Eat at the Bugis Street hawker centre at night
- Visit the Esplanade
- If you like the weird Asian ice cream flavours and are staying near Ang Mo Kio, try 'Ice-kimo' Best ice cream place there.
- Hang around Little India and eat in one of the dirty places
- Jurong Bird Park! Bring your camera :P

graceyeoh said...

It's really quite amusing to see you loving everything that we Singaporeans take for granted :) I hope you have enjoyed your stay in our little city.

Yern said...

Come to Malaysia! Hee.

Anonymous said...

Take more pictures of Singapore (:

Anonymous said...

you are a beautiful photographer.
you should be very proud of your work.

Xuemiao said...

Your photographs are very pretty :) Keep up the good work! But I wonder the effects of your pictures are by DSLR lens or photoshop, they're gorgeous.

Gabriela Goulart said...

SOOOOOOOO cool photos, I like your grandma's rings! *-*

Anonymous said...

hi, i've been following your blog for some time now because i love the pictures that you take. i was pleasantly surprised to see that you're in singapore now and the pictures you took of singapore. i never knew singapore could look like that, and you made me realise that it's all a matter of perspective. so thank you very much for the pictures. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, i agree that you're really amused easily! I'm from Singapore and i don't seem intrigue by all those stuff, probably because i've been here for long term, haha!

Anyway, you gotta try the sliced ice/shaven ice at 32 Degrees Fahrenheit or another diff stall at Far East Plaza called Sliced Ice :) They're awesome!!

And you gotta visit Far East Plaza because they have so many nice and cheap things there!! :)

Eat frozen yogurt such as Frolick/Yami Yogurt/Berrylite/Yoguru!

Enjoy your stay here :)

nessa said...

I'm glad you like my pretty lil sunny island! (Even though it's been nothing but rainy these few days.)

Enjoy your stay! :D And the photos are mad gorgeous by the way. :D

Anonymous said...

heyhey! just happened to start following you on your blog and tumblr. hahah, thought your photography's pretty damn awesome, keep it up! i'm on tumblr too. tohkiatumblr.tumblr.com.
cheers! x

xuanneh said...

Have fun in SG! (although stuff are super overpriced there @_____@)

Jeannine said...

graceyeoh: Come visit Melbourne and you will understand ;)

Xuemaio: Both! I'm trying to cut down on Photoshop, though. It's so tedious!

Anonymous: I just went to Far East Plaza today and didn't get to read your comment beforehand! :(
But I'll be on the look out for frozen yoghurt ;)

xuanneh: I don't know what you're talking about! I scored a nice dress for $10 and a few shoes under $20 last night ;)

And thank you all for your lovely comments!