18 December, 2009

Arab Street. I bought a film camera and salt and pepper shakers. 

Arlen's favourite colour.

And he broke it..

Bugis Junction night market.

I love these fried banana things!

My new favourite shop. I wish we had one in Melbourne!! They have absolutely everything.

I bought the pink flamingo :)

My grandmother has nice disks.


Gabriela Goulart said...

OMFG the pig disk is so funny, I like your photos! Eh... visit your formspring, there are more questions on your inbox! Kisses

sarah said...

you have an incredible eye!
my favourite is the photo of the white dishes. i would love to visit there someday.

Abigail said...

oh gosh. i really really love your photography! :) the pics are really pretty! :)


<3, A Singaporean

amynaree said...

you have amazing photography skills, love all the pics!

Hazel said...

Is the round "bread" Arlen's holding a Breadou? (http://www.thebreadou.com/emoticon.html) If so, does it actually smell like real bread?

`A.manda said...

I'm a singaporean and my school's in bugis. You made Singapore look so beautiful!

Jeannine said...

Thanks! You people are lovely :)
Hazel: Yes it is and yes it does ;)

Callie Michelle said...

Hey! This is SO old, I know... but just wondering what awesome places you'd recommend in Singapore. :P To shop and stuff. I live in Brisbane but I'll be visiting Singapore over the Uni break... [I actually lived in Singapore before but hey, a new perspective on the scene there always helps!]

Also, what film camera did you buy and where from?! I'm always on the lookout for more.

Love your photographs, by the way. (:

Jeannine said...

I honestly just followed my parents and relatives everywhere! Arab street, definitely if you enjoy thrifting. And I enjoyed Haji Lane. That's pretty much all I know.. I don't recommend you follow my perspective :P

I bought my film camera (don't even remember the name) from Arab st. It didn't even work. Make sure they don't cheat you :((

Thank yooou :)

Deya said...

in Malaysia , we called the fried banana as 'cekodok'

yummy isn't it ?
by the way, i loe your photoblog. quite interesting :)

Deya said...


Jeannine said...

Aw thank you! Yes it's delicious :)