31 December, 2012


Some Instagram pics from 2012. This year just flew by.

Owl Eyes at St Kilda fesitval.

Seeing your own photos in an amazing magazine like Oyster must be the best feeling ever.
My tent in Narooma. I miss camping!
Shooting with the 5x4 in uni.
From my car that only lasted 7 months. :(
Kota Kinabalu
Me + mountains.
Narrow streets of Melaka.
Flight of the Conchords!!! So amazinggggg.
New Zealand fashion week.
My favourite beach.
One of Danielle's cute dogs.
RIP Jeannine's first ever car. March 2012 - October 2012... 
My new car!!
One of the only selfies I took in 2012.
I hope that wasn't too many pictures! I hope next year is filled with even more travelling opportunities. It will be my first year not studying since I was 5. So that should be interesting. I had a great 2012 and I hope your 2012 experience was great, too! :)


Mia Anderson said...

I hate seeing new pictures you post because it makes me frustrated to think it was not me who took them. In other words, I am extremely jealous of your artistic eye and amazing taste in picking things around you to photograph. Hopefully that serves as some kind of alluring compliment :). Keep up the good work!

Many greetings from Honduras!

Fetpak Inc said...

Great post. You have a wonderful sense of taking pictures and and putting them up in such artistic way.

Johny said...

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