20 February, 2012


Here are some shots from last week. I just started my Cert IV Photoimaging course in RMIT woooo.

Jacob let me borrow his fisheye lens and it was amazing. It was the first time I ever looked into a camera with a fisheye on it and I had so much fun with it!

Photo of a photo.

Yes, we were sitting in a random alleyway. I needed somewhere to eat my pizza!


m.corbett said...

awww that last one is sooo adorable. loving all the photos actually :D they have a really nice tonee sort of thing xD x x

jessica sandoval said...

Ooooh, I've always wanted to get a fish-eye camera, since they seem so fun, but I don't know if it's worth it to just get it "because", considering I'm barely learning. But these pictures look so awesome!

Jessica | Vixenelle

m. said...

awesome! love your photos! How do you do the effects in photos? I think it is the fisheye camera :3

Anonymous said...

Hey Jeannine! Really love the photos you took especially the ones of Singapore. You made Singapore look so beautiful from all the pictures and as a Singaporean I definitely love how photos portray life in singapore! All the best in photography!