22 December, 2011


Hello dear readers! Here is a shoot I did back in July for Audrey Grace Boutique but now that it's open I can post the photos. I hope you enjoy them. Happy holidays! :)

Models: Anna Denton, Bianca Elencevski, Rachael Moon, Zoe Jackson


RDYN! said...

I've seen the photos of the exhibition and it looks so gorgeous. So are your photos!

IONA said...

beautiful! i always love the soft tones in the photos you take, and the focus :3

Jay said...

someone's got a rad dream catcher in their room!

samantha-avena.com said...

Gorgeous photos again!
Congrats :)

kaitlyn said...

congratulations! these are stunning. i love the tone. so effortless.

xx kaitlyn

Merveilleux ▲ said...

I love it!

Anonymous said...

zoe and anna look like models but the other two....?


You're one of my favorite photographers, Jeannine. But I wish to see more of your random shots 'cause that's how I got to grow fond of your work. I understand the fashion vibe and all, but it would be amazing to see personal photos like you used to post in your earlier days. But don't worry, I'll still be your fan :)


Jeannine said...

@ANDWHATELSEISTHERE: I have a lot of random type of shots on Instagram. I should start posting them here because I'm starting to use my iPhone more than my DSLR. Anyway, you can see them by following me on Instagram (username is papertissue) or by clicking here: http://web.stagram.com/n/papertissue/