28 October, 2011


I love how I post more than ever during exam period. Did I tell you guys that I graduated? Well I did. Anyway last weekend I did a shoot with Romersk Sleepwear. It was so much fun to shoot. And we were lucky to be able to shoot outside when it was raining all day! Fun fact, the models were pretty much modelling for the first time. Aren't they amazing at it?
Models: Molly Lean, Alana Camm
Designer/stylist: Sophie Chan
Make-up/hair: Bree Rose


trenuh's reality said...

Gorgeous pictures like always. And I graduated before summer too!

RDYN! said...

Wow looks great, the sleepwear too. Ilove the fairytale dream like vibe! Congrats on graduating!

Lacey Wright said...

Gorgeous and cute!

tasha faye said...

this shoot is lovely! :) and since you mentioned it, i realize that i post more during the time leading up to my big exams. :/ congrats on graduating, love, and best of luck on your papers! x

Grace said...

this looks like so much fun! gorgeous pictures

sara said...

fantastic shoot! the photos are wonderful.

YAN.C said...

Very lovely photographs. Where were these taken, would love to have a picnic here. Such a great location!

Jeannine said...

Thank you guys! It really means a lot!

YAN.C: They were taken at Darebin Parklands. I need to have a picnic there too! It's the perfect place to relax.

Divya said...

Where did you get those masks?

ponyhunter said...

you're such a stunning photographer jeannine, i keep seeing your work popping up all over the place, it's all beautiful :)

Anonymous said...

What lens do you usually use to take your photos!