20 July, 2011


Here are my favourite outtakes from my shoot with Zoe Jackson for INK magazine which you can read here. I've also got some non-fashion (it's true) film photos coming soon! I'm making too many posts now because I might not have time when school starts up again. Sorry.
Model: Zoe Jackson


czitta said...

Love the last one so much! :)
Pfft- you should post this often all the time! <3

nicolethen said...

absolutely stunning! what film camera did you use? haha

Martina said...

love these, especially the last one

poczekalnia myśli said...


kaitlyn said...

these photos are so beautiful! you are incredibly talented.


Jess said...

Janine! I read your blog when it first started and you blogged a lot of food pictures. I just came across it today after a couple of years and I am so amazed by how much you have grown!

Suzanne said...