20 December, 2010

This is a pretty long post.. I went to the Gold Coast for 4 nights.

Bye bye kitty.

Bye bye Melbourne.

Flickr really likes pixelating my photos..



Awkward lean. The hair band on my wrist left a tan line.

Movie World!

Yes, still in Movie World. I sat the Lethal Weapon it thrashed my head around so much I got a headache. It is physically painful, guys!

Dinner! They also sold bubble tea.. at a restaurant. I was amazed. It was raining and storming while we ate outside.

I liked it here. It reminded me of Singapore. The many apartments, nature, humidity, rain and asians (there were SO many asian tourists!!).

We went to Sea World the next day.

This is a random boys hand. I hope people don't mind. There are quite a few random hands in this post! :P

We're supposed to be feeding the rays, mummmmm.

Can you guess what it is?

Sea cucumbers feel so weird.

Back to the polar bears. This guy held the flower in his mouth and dove with it and he was SO CUTE.

It was stuffed with toys.

He was very persistent.

And it paid off!

More pictures from my trip are coming soon!


Jing Xuan said...

Looking forward to the rest of your pictures (:

Mani said...

Amazing photos! I've been to the Gold Coast heaps, I still love it though :)

Sara Eide said...

They're still suuper pretty !!

ching said...

WOW. the hand touching the polar bear's hand was the icing on these set of photos. BRAVO!

Anonymous said...

Just curious, do you edit every single picture?

Anonymous said...

These pictures are amazing :D they're so cute too :D


Hi there!

I'm just wondering if you can teach me how to do the curves thingy? and be like more consistent with it? :/

Thanks alot! I really really love your photos!

Barbara said...

oh these are amazing!!! and the colors are just awesome :)

Big Hug Studio said...

Your photography is amazing. I am so jealous and you're only 16. That's crazy.

I have added you to my favourite list of blogs.

If you care to visit:



Jeannine said...

Thank you guys so so much!!

CHARMAINE: I just drag my curves onto the new image. I have slightly different curves for people, food and landscapes.

Sanne said...

Cutest kitty! Love the hand 'touching' with the polarbear picture^^

Anonymous said...

Your photos are so pretty! Could you do a tutorial on how to edit photos for different scenes please?

Pardon me for asking, but where did you get your top in one of the earlier photos? The one you wore with your denim shorts.

Thanks! Love your blog always! Merry Christmas! :)

höwi-döwi said...

which camera did you use?
you have a really nice blog!


Pa7NaSS said...

I love love love your photography.
You have a unique style and it's just fantastic.

Anyways, I started blogging again so check it out,
it's going to have song lyrics, photography reviews, and maybe even movie reviews...


omg, u really have talent at photography, your pictures are just so amazing! What camera do you use actually?