07 December, 2010

Sorry, guys!! I haven't had many opportunities to shoot photos. Here is what I've collected over the past month, though. Some are still in my film camera. If food porn is not your thing, I suggest you click away now! I don't know why I enjoy taking photos of food so much, haha.
Grilled cheese, spinach and garlic butter sandwiches Luke and I made. Food of the Gods, I swear!
It was my Dad's birthday.
Pumpkin dip.
I love this tree.
One of the many bowls of cherries we collected from our tree. I lovelovelove summer!
Pretty intense, huh? I don't know if my hand is really small or if the cherry was really big..
Vampire cat?

Sorry for the short post. I will try to take more photos for next time! 


Ella Press said...

Vampire cat! LOL
Great shots! I'm hungry now :)

Jing Xuan said...

Great shots! Do post more! (:

Rose ong said...

Wow, those shots were pretty amazing. I like the one of your hand with the cherry. You did a great job with the curves!

The Ugly Pigling said...

wow your shots are always so amazing! :) you should blog more often though. :)

Pomme said...

Love the photos

ching said...

i definitely enjoyed food porn. :D this is my fave kind of porn EVER!

rosanguyen said...

You make me wish I had a 50mm lens :(

Jeannine said...

Thank you! All your comments mean so much to me!
More photos = more blogging and there are only so many photos I can take around here.

And thanks, Rose! I feel like I'm getting better with curves. My photos seem more consistent to me, now :D

tasha said...

you take such beautiful photographs, love! it's that kind of photography that makes me teensy bit jealous but in love at the same time. photographs that take my breath away. (:

sanahasblogspot. said...

Wow, I love the one with you holding the cherry with your hand, and the blue tones and focus of it.

Anonymous said...

mmm food porn :) by the way, i love the way you focus your images. wow!

ps. i'm hosting a giveaway on my blog this week. hope you check it out :)

alyaa said...

the picture of the tree right before the cherries makes me think of rapunzel.

the rapunzel lettuce on the witch's garden.


Barbara said...

beautiful pics!! glad you are posting again!