20 March, 2010

Second roll from Smile's camera which I took a week ago. I got myself a Canon A-1 with a 50mm 1:4 lens after much deliberation. By the way, www.keh.com is the shit, guys (but also pretty damn slow).
I can't wait to start taking photos with him! I named him Oliver and he's a beauty. He has that gorgeous old camera smell, as well. Let's make camera marriage legal, now :)
Here are some photos taken with Fujifilm Superia ASA 400:

I tried to save this one, but it came out horribly overexposed. Maybe cause it was the first on the roll? I don't know.

I made the poor thing stand like that for a while to ensure I got the focus right. His smile slowly faded.

Pancake is a pain to take photos of, sometimes. I really like the colours in this, though.

I will live in an apartment in the city with one kid and a cat. I will do whatever I want, travel by skateboard and earn 100 million a year. Bring it on.

I couldn't help myself.

This is my baby, which I don't play nearly enough. His name is Bernard.

We went to Altona beach again and the water was clear and beautiful. (Why the eff is there blood in the water?!)

Check out the boy jumping. I didn't even realise there were people there. I love when this happens :)


Hazel said...

Wait, you take great pictures like these AND own an accordion? Not to mention you're able to go to the beach every other day?


Jeannine said...

Nooo, I don't go too often. Maybe once a fortnight if I'm lucky? And it's getting cold :P

You don't want to be me! I have to clean up bird poop now.

Anna said...

ahhhh the bottom is bokehlicious!!!

rosanguyen said...

Goodness your photos turned out amazing, and thanks for the link to the site. My friend was looking for a place that sold old cameras. I think she'll be most happy. :)

cxm said...

Ohh i love your last picture :D

amiiin said...

great pictures

Anonymous said...

your pictures are so beautiful!
are all the pictures on your tumblr taken by you (except the ones with the credits at the bottom)?
i have to say, you are a one helluva good photographer.

ahlin said...

these pictures are so amazing! you are crazy talented.

mikaela said...

i really loooove these pics!!

Vivien said...

I love film. It's amazing.

Kelly said...

Beautiful as usual! :)

Rebecca :) said...

Hi Jeannine! Love your tumblr. I was wondering, could you share photoshop tips with me? And how did you edit your last picture?
( Could you send it to my email Kthx very much :D Just click on my name hahaha )

Jeannine said...

You guys are so nice!
Thanks heeeaps!

Anonymous: No, 99.9% of the pictures on my Tumblr are not mine.

Rebecca :): I didn't use much Photoshop for these. I only added a curve layer and pressed 'auto'. It's really mostly the lovely Canon AE-1.

Rebecca :) said...

Then I should really buy a Canon AE-1 then. It takes really nice photos ( and your photography skills are really good too! ) Thx anyway (:

Stefanie said...

I love the 14th photo, Its so beautiful <3

xo, stefanie

p.s. I just started reading ur blog, and I like it a lot :)

Anna Helsen said...

Hiya! Just wanted to say, I really love your photographs!!! They're amazing! :D xx

Shukura Li said...

ooh it has that lovely film effect to it

what camera and film do u use?

and when u scan them in dou use a normal scanner or a film scanner??


Shukura Li said...

sorry for not reading your caption i got too excited when i saw it was film lol

ignore those previous questions