13 March, 2010

I haven't been feeling too well and I have a heap of homework and work so I'm missing out on Blackbird market today :(
Part of my homework was to experiment on some photos relating to my art final so I dug up some photos from Falls Creek and omgsh I miss that place so much!
I went there twice last year and it was absolutely beautiful.
Most of this doesn't have anything to do with my art folio and I kind of went on a photo editing tangent.
Oh well :)

Some people have asked for photos of me so..

(Look who's stealing the spotlight!)

This is what happens when you hand my mother a camera. (This is not the first or last time this has happened!!)

This was BEFORE Luke brought me to the intermediate slope..

I miss this goat. We went for a walk around the caravan park and jumped/fell through a muddy stream. We fed it leaves and named it and Luke's brother filmed it all but I lost the clip :(


rosanguyen said...

Wow this looks amazing. You have lots of interesting things to take photos of... So envious I am

www.cakeprincess.tumblr.com said...

Beautiful pictures...I love the first two with the mist, very pretty.

dressandmouse said...

what brand of film did you use? i'm learning black and white film and how to process them by myself. you didn't process these prints by yourself did you?

i want to start doing color film soon.

anyway, love your photos.

Jeannine said...

dressandmouse: I didn't use film for any of these photos! Unless you mean the last post; I used Kodak Ultramax 200 and I processed it at Big W.

Good luck! And it would be great if you could share your results :))

peppermunk said...

i'm 10yrs older than you and you make me remember all the little things from when i was 16 ... i love ur pics, keep them coming!

trina's reality said...

Wow, your pictures are amazing! I'm really jealous, because they come out so well. Would you mind giving some tips? please? ;]

Kelly said...

Just curious, you're at grade ____ ?

Jeannine said...

trina's reality: I don't know.. I edited these a lot.. so get yourself familiar with Photoshop and a nice camera :P

Kelly: 11.

e. said...

beautiful gallery!

MiaMartolas said...

i love your photos ! :D