06 February, 2010

Sorry about the slow update. I've been pretty busy with my first week of the much dreaded VCE and training for work almost every day from 5-8pm. Here's some stuff in between.

The sunset one lovely night (SOOC).


A note written by my brother.

A poor bird my cat killed and left on our pavement :(


Hazel said...

wait--does that note say "dumbass" at the end...? o__o;;

Kelly said...

AW!!!! THE BIRD ! :((((

Jeannine said...

Hazel: Haha, yes :)

Kelly: I KNOW :(
We put a bell on him and everything.. I guess he's too ninja.

Jono said...

hey, just waned to say thanks for posting my photo on your tumblr, glad you liked it.

sweet photos, i love the dead bird, beautiful in its tragic death