11 February, 2010

I went to my neighbour's birthday party on Sunday and we went to the beach at Altona after school on Monday.

This is their dog, Max. He is huge and scares me quite a lot. I remember feeding him from my hands when he was a puppy.

We know how to have fun.

They don't look much like fish.

There were a million little snails everywhere. Squeeee.


I'm pretty sure I posted a picture like this on Tumblr, but I like it anyway.


Anonymous said...

Hey, I just wanna know where you get your pictures from? The ones with words on them on Tumblr. Kthanks (: x

Anonymous said...

awesome photos as always! :D

Anonymous said...

You take extremely beautiful pictures! I want a 500D so much.

Lies said...

I sooo want to go on vacation after I see your photos.. I must say they are incredible! Good work!

Peace ^^ said...

How do you get such nice effects on your cam?? Do you mind telling me what's the exposure?

Corinne said...

You have a lot of talent. :)

Jeannine said...

Roseanneee: I get most of those pictures from ffffound and imgfave.

Peace ^^: It's mostly due to Photoshop but I mess around with the exposure a lot, depending on the lighting. All my photos usually turn out overexposed without adjusting :P

Thank you very much everyone else!

Anonymous said...

its beautiful :)

C. Wade said...

*Love* the tones in all of these, and your photography in general, but there is something special about the snail photo!

Just wanted to let you know your blog continually inspires me! I've linked to you in this post: Weekend Shots: Cupcakes & Cabin-Fever

Anonymous said...

your pictures really make me cry.
wish i could photoghraph all these beautiful things too, one day.

Annie said...

You have beautiful pictures. I've used some of the ones from tumblr on my blog, with proper credit of course (:

Follow me at http://gladnotglade.blogspot.com

Jeannine said...

C. Wade: Thank you so much! Keep updating your blog, I love it :)

Ludovica: Oh my don't cry! Photograph all the beautiful things around you :) You can do it!

Annie: Thank you :D