06 December, 2009

Yesterday Jona and I went on an adventure to find this "moleskine" notebook sale at a "warehouse".
I put these words in quotation marks because:
1. They didn't have a single moleskine left.
2. The warehouse ressembled somebody's living room. 

Luke thinks I'm creepy for taking these pictures, but I beg to differ.
It's not creepy, right guys? ...Right?

Mini santas! Aren't they adorable?


Rabo Karabekian said...

Im in love with you :)

onic said...

what camera do you use?

Arella said...

You can get moleskin notebooks from Singapore.

Jeannine said...

Rabo Karabekian: Totally in love with you too, sweetheart.

Arella: Yeah, you can get them here as well, they're just pretty expensive.. >_<