07 December, 2009

Luke woke me up at 6am in the morning to go to Camberwell Market. So we did.
Here are some facts:
  • Luke's dad lit his cotton pajamas on fire by chasing him with a lighter and rolled him on the floor to put it out.
  • Not seeing the symptoms of STD's is equal to being completely genital-less. 
  • Teaching me how to snorkle can result in spitting on a poor stranger.
  • She stopped mid sentence.
  • I never learnt how to snorkle.
  • Some mothers in Camberwell Market are nasty creatures.
  • Luke exchanged his clean $5 note for pee covered coins.
Here are some pictures:

We bought this awesomely obnoxious shirt for $1.

This veggie dog was cold and got squished our bag of stuff. Luke is good at focusing cameras and things. 

He had a strange obsession with this baby. 

We sat under this tree for a while.


Electro Geisha said...

great photos :D looks like you had a great time :)flea markets can be exciting, and i`m always thrilled with amount of crazy and unusual things i find there...

Ayie said...

Hello Jean,

I've been lurking at your blog few times now and I must say you're one hell of a talent.

I like your Tumblr so much--there are few messages there that even touched me (it made me cry).

I wish my daughter would grow up as talented as you are (when it comes to photography...).

It is nice that I found a blog that is worth reading.

Keep posting and God bless!

melody said...

your photos are awesome! I see pancakes haha. your life in aussie makes me wanna migrate there too. :3

Anonymous said...

AWESOME PICTURES. MAKES ME WANT TO GET EOS500D too. Probably getting one, and I have to start learning photohraphy and all these. You inspired me!

C. Wade said...

I saw some of your work on Flickr & came here that way. Just wanted to let you know your blog is beautiful!