02 November, 2009

Yup, so I've fallen into the treacherous band wagon of blogging again.
But this time, it should mostly consist of photographs of my ever so exciting life.

So I was rudely awakened from my precious slumber by Ashleigh, who demanded my accompany in first movie session of um..
The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. I had a lot of trouble remembering the title (as the girl at the ticket counter called me up, I was left speechless as Ashleigh was conveniently looking at the ticket prices on the other side of the room.).
So yeah, the movie was good.

A crazy old lady, a few sketchy guys and a symphonic grimacing involving everybody on the bus at the school motto of "Do what Jesus tells you." later, we arrived at the NEW CAROLINE SPRINGS *dun dun dun dun*!!
We spent a good 10 minutes staring in awe at the endless array of John's nuts.. only to ripped off with nuts that were way too spicy for my taste buds.
We spent a good 20 minutes staring in awe at the different American foods (Pop Rocks that turn into bubblegum?!?!).
We spent a good 5 minutes deep in thought, wondering why Dr. Pepper tasted so familiar. (We settled on hard raspberry candy).
I spent a few seconds jumping up and down at the finding of vegetarian gummy lollies.

We got some sushi and (after Ashleigh calmed down from her fear of seagulls) sat on a nice patch of grass.
Ashleigh somehow mutated her perfectly cylindrical roll into a star shaped sandwich and we bird watched.
And bird watched.
And watched birds.
We came to the conclusion that
1. Two seagulls are vampires (evidence in which we saw them bite another's neck).
2. This one seagull was hanging out with another flock of birds which were black either because..
  • He was banished from the flock of seagulls for his slightly brown feathers
  • He wanted to hang out with the black birds and seagulls camouflage well.
  • Kids were throwing bread over there.
3. Seagulls don't like peri peri flavoured cashews. At all. They are deeply disturbed by them, in fact.

Dog consumers are very much prevalent in today's society.

We had dinner at Hogs Breath, supper at Max Brenner.
I told MY infamous joke (Go away Luke and Ashleigh, IT'S MINEEEE!)
Me: Have you heard the rumour about the butter?
Everybody: ...
Me: Well I can't tell you, cause you might spread it!
Everybody: ...
Me: Get it? Cause.. you might spread the butter..
*Cricket chirping noise*

Then dad ruined the obvious hilarity by saying something about slippery butter.
The supper abruptly ended.

If you read all this, sorry for ruining your day, and I promise you won't have to read so much next time!
Take care :)


Jade¬ said...

congratz on ur photo blog, jeannine!
i love ur photos. they're just so lovely.

got here from ur tumblr :)


The K After Tomorrow said...

got here same way as jade.
looking forward to reading more of your posts and seeing more of your photos. i've become quite a fan.


ohyeahfruit said...

omg your photos are awesome. mine are no where near as good.
check me out on my tumblr http://ljc.tumblr.com/


Jeannine said...

Thank you all so much! I really appreciate it!

nrl0929 said...

I LOVE YOUR PHOTOS! What camera are you using?

Jeannine said...

Thank you! :)
I use the Canon EOS 500D with a 50mm 1.8 lens.

Barbara said...

Ok i have checked out your whole blog!! incredible pics! keep them coming :)

brigduong said...

I could go through your blogposts for hours! (I just did) Haha