03 November, 2009

Thank you for following, I really appreciate it!! :D

So today we drove to St. Kilda.
It was windy as hell.
Contact lenses + Wind + Sand = Unhappy Jeannine.

We had lunch at Sandbar and went for a walk.




Also, we found a caterpillar yesterday!


erin elder said...

These photos are amazing.

atmchino said...

it's so captivating, the aura of a vivid illusion that accompanies the photos from vignetting, colors, and tones. all while retaining their base dof or sharpness. lovely indeed.

rosesbitte said...

Hi, passed by your blog, and I must say I really love your photos!! Good job! :>

rosesbitte said...

Hi again! May I know what camera you use? Thanks! :)

Jeannine said...

Thank you all so much! ;D

Rosebitte: I use the Canon Rebel T1i, also known as Canon EOS 500D with a 50mm 1.4 lens.

Amanda said...

Great photos. Yesterday was extremely windy.

Jeannine said...

1.8 lens, sorry!
I wish I could get the 1.4 :O
Yeah, horrible Melbourne weather, you!

La FruU said...

I'm really happy I found you tonight!

This blog deserve to be checked every day!

Anonymous said...


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Thank you