10 April, 2011

Blogger, we are back in Australia.
Part 1: Luke and I travelled 2 hours to Portsea. The weather was amazing. Hot, sunny, dry, 30 degrees of goodness. We went snorkelling under the pier and it was like being in another world where trees were replaced with seaweed. They created creepy shadows when the sun shone through the cracks of the pier into the water. Really, really lovely. Luke saw me swim above a stingray but I missed it. I need to get an underwater camera.
The homemade falafel and eggplant dip was SO good..
This is apparently how I look when I drink. Never again.
Part 2: Our school had a house performance thing near the city so we planned to have dinner at as many places as we could before going. Plan failed because Luke is a hungry obese boy and got too hungry!
This teenager ran by laughing really obnoxiously and they scowled at him.
From Kate Spade :)


tasha said...

such lovely photos. <3 haha those protesters made me smile. (: and i love the necklace! xx

Francivusk said...

I always read your blog. So inspiring.
xx Francesca

brigduong said...

i don't understand how you manage to continually take such beautiful photos. but keep it up :-)

Dani said...

You look cute when you drink, and I really like the photo of the street beneath that. The graffiti and motion of the guy creates such a great atmosphere, as if you were standing there! But that photo of the protesters is the best, oh my gosh what a priceless moment! It should have been in a newspaper or something if they did a report on it! The second woman's face!

Marloes said...

Ohhh, this is great. Seriously, brilliant photos! This makes me happy! :D

atmzeal said...

...no smiling day? wha... ~~~ picture perfect surrealism!

Jaimee said...

cute face, really. that one and the photo of your boyfriend are my favorites of this bunch.


Your photos are really amazing!! Even till now I can't stop saying how beautiful they're !!

sarah said...

i love that last photo! so very pretty!

A Flourishing Perspective said...

Oh gracious me, I adore your simple posts with beautiful photos! What camera do you use?

This sounds like such a grand time and swimming under the pier sounds magical! I bet the weather was just as amazing as you describe it:)


Anonymous said...

just came across you blog! your photos are alive! hehe. and lovely necklace you've got. keep cool ;)

Anonymous said...

what camera do you use?

[n][i][c][o][l][e] said...

i am madly in love with your photos. can't wait to see new posts.

i've been to melbs (i live in sydney) and adore your city. will be coming back with my friends in 3 weeks actually! where do you go for macarons? i'm a big fan too :)

Nicole x