03 January, 2011

So, you guys asked for actions and here they are:
Selling actions
Selling actions
Cheesy names, I know. Forgive me!

Each pack is $24 AUD.
2 packs for $42.
Individual actions are $9.

Selling actions
If you buy 2 packs you also get the purple action for free.

Email me at jeanninetan@gmail.com saying what you would like to purchase. Paypal only, please and thank you.

I hope you find the pricing fair. I don't want many photos to end up having the same colours and I don't want them to be pirated. I spent a lot of work on these by experimenting with many different actions and layers to develop my favourite looks. These are actually .psd files, which I prefer from action files. They don't freeze up your computer and don't take 3 minutes to complete. It's just a simple drag and drop and you can edit these however you like. However, PLEASE do not modify and sell or redistribute. I'm trusting you guys. *end of rant*