31 January, 2011

I got a new desk! :)

A card we bought at North Melbourne market for a friend. You can buy them here, too.
And now I'm packing for New York! :)


A Flourishing Perspective said...

As always, I love your photos! Your camera takes gorgeous photos...what kind do you have?

Your cat is so adorable&fluffy! Annnnnd, you're going to New York?! Epic! I want to go there so badly...it's like my dream:) The city seems marvelous.


sarawr said...

new york is so fun! but it's blizzarding there. stay warm!!

rosanguyen said...

Wow wow! I want to visit New York! Goodness! Have fun!

dilalid said...

been reading your blog! love the first photo! :)

tasha said...

you photos are some of the most inspiring. <3 you lucky, lucky girl! i'm so jealous that you're going to nyc! have fun, love. (:

Getter, said...

woow the photo before the last photo is just genius!!
Again - love the colours!
And have a nice trip to New York (powow!!) !!


ching said...

have a safe flight to new york!

Red Nails & Raindrops said...

I really love your blog :) Visit mine:

:) x x x

Anonymous said...

you take such amazing photos. how do you get your photos to have those effects? do you edit them? or are there certain settings that you use? they're seriously so awesome.


Ina said...

WOW your blog is sooo amazing!
love your pictures!!

wish u so much fun in ny! how long will u stay?

Anonymous said...

great photos!!!
Have a wonderful time in ny ;)

Anonymous said...

these photos are wonderful !