22 June, 2010

I edited this batch of photos on my Macbook and I've noticed that the colours on here are much more bright and everything is so clear when compared with my Acer. Please tell me how these show up on your screen and what I should change! Thanks :)

Pandan cake! I love this stuff.

Sugarcane restaurant.

This fried rice. Omg.

The taro balls in coconut milk was quite bland, though. Sorry, I don't mean to turn this into a food blog :P

The Mill. I fell in love with this lamp.

Hardware lane :)

We walked to Knox Place and got some crepes at Ichipan.

Nutella and bananas.

Crown to get some mango gelato.


Anna Helsen said...

Hiya! ^_^

It's really nice to see some of your work again! How's the studying going?

I LOVE your photography!

And the pictures look great and nicely coloursful (on a PC. At home I use a Macbook as well heheh)

xxx <3

rosanguyen said...

The photos are perfect, I do wonder what they look like before they are editted. Yum crepes, and that salad before amazing. AND IS THAT PERFORMER DOING POI?!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeannine!
I actually love your blog but I'm a little bit dissapointed about this post. Maybe it's just me.

Anonymous said...

fried rice looks so yummy, you made it by yourself?

Lea said...

i really hate the fact that i can´t do comments on tumblr:D
so, i tried to follow you here, but i just don´t get it..
your tumbl account is such stunning
-that´s all i wanted to say :D

-oh one more question , would it be possible to reblogg some photos on my page, icluding a link to your page, of course ?

thank you,
and lovely greets from
hamburg, germany