28 April, 2010

We went to Campari House for Jona's birthday. It was on a rooftop and eating on a rooftop makes you feel 100x cooler than everybody else. They had fences made from doors and the bathroom was crazy awesome.
Sucks to have my 50mm lens, though. I can't fit anything in the bloody frame. Grr.
Do you guys think I should get a kit lens (18-55mm)? Or save up for another prime lens.. probably under 35mm..

Anyway, thanks Jona for a fantastic day and happy birthday for the 25th of April :)

It looked like the building was see-through.

The bartender's special mix. It was really super dooper sweet and everyone died a little.

So basically everyone ordered pizza and they barely fitted on the table.

Except for Jess. Weirdo.

In the bathroom.

We went bowling and I sucked at it.

Then I visited my dad's shop (come visit Big Picture People at Watergardens!! It's opening this Friday the 30th. Tell them I sent you and you'll get a high-five. Or a confused face. Probably the later).


lisane said...

An 18-55mm lens is pretty much what most people use. I only own a prime and a kit lens, the rest I just borrow, which I do rarely, because a kit lens and a prime lens are pretty much all I need for taking pictures, even when I'm travelling.
Seeing that the 18-55mm is flexible enough for most kinds of shooting, it's very convenient to have around. (Also, I'm a student too, so I can't afford having to spend on a expensive new lens, and a kit lens makes poor picture-takers forget about their poverty )

P.S. Your pictures are beautiful.

rosanguyen said...

Goodness that looks like fun! I suck at bowling too.

Well I have a 18-55mm lens and I don'tknow. I like how your pictures turn out looks a lot better than mine.


hi there, i love your photos! and btw, did you attach your lens cap to your dslr? if yes, how did you do it? o: *refers to 8th pic*

Jeannine said...

Thanks guys!

CHARMAINE: Yes! I had to after I nearly lost it in the snow. It's a lifesaver. I'm not sure where you live, but I bought mine from Michaels. Just ask some shops for a lens cover attachy thingy majiggy.

Anonymous said...

I think you should stick with the 50mm, you'd be wasting money on something that would exactly be better. I think in your case you just don't know how to use your lens and camera properly.

Anonymous said...

* wouldn't

Jeannine said...

I don't think the kit lens is considered 'better'. I just want something with a smaller focal length. Also, people can learn things, Anonymous.

Angela see, Angela blog said...

You're doing great with your lense, I adore your photos! I've got a 18-55 but I'm thinking about getting another also...


lisane said...

maaan that anonymous person sure is mean. Anyone has seen your pictures and makes the claim that you aren't 'using your lens and camera properly' is a hundred percent crazy. :(

Plus why would it be considered wasting money if a person actually thinks the lens is better?

Erin said...

You take the most gorgeous, breathtaking photos. My word.

Anonymous said...

i like your photos and amyunzen.com and dirtylittlestylewhore thisisnaive and dollygumdrop. plus others too I think. I am a new fan of you so glad I found your stuff.

-megan c.

mel said...

think a 24mm or 28mm would be what you're looking for. the 18-55 is not very versatile in the available light department. just me thinking out loud :)


CHARMAINE: Yes! I had to after I nearly lost it in the snow. It's a lifesaver. I'm not sure where you live, but I bought mine from Michaels. Just ask some shops for a lens cover attachy thingy majiggy.

Hi there, thanks for your reply!
i'm from Singapore! Just want to ask you, your lens cover is attached to which part of your dslr? o:
Thanks so much! :)

Post more often! (L) your photos!! :D

Jeannine said...

mel: They're pretty expensive though! I bought the 18-55 a few days ago for $99 off ebay. Hope it turns out okay! Hah..

CHARMAINE: No problem! The top corner where your neck strap/hand strap is.


Thanks much! :)

Anonymous said...

You have some really amazing pictures! I was also checking out your tumblr, and wow!! Definitely talented.