02 April, 2010

This morning we went to Mt Macedon and it was incredible! It's only a 35 minute drive away from my house, but it felt like one of those little quiet towns you drive hours and hours to get to. It was all foggy since it was one of the first cold days in Melbourne. It felt like we were in a cloud and ahhhh. Beautiful.
ANYWAY: This post has nothing to do with that :)

Mum cooked some fried mock duck from the Asian grocers. The texture resembled the fat from meat and the skin was freakingly similar. It was an interesting experience, but one I will hopefully never try again.

Ashleigh and I watched The Last Song. Disregarding Miley Cyrus' strange facial expressions, the annoying little boy and the abundance of crying girls in the audience, it was pretty good. There were tear-jerking worthy moments every 10 seconds... srsly.

I've got around 200 photos of magical-ness to edit.. new post soon, I promise :)