13 April, 2010

I'm not a Photoshop image editing genius, seriously. I only started using this program less than 2 years ago and I'll probably use the wrong terminologies and everything.
Anyway, here is how I edit my photos!

STEP 1: Open the unedited picture in the image editing software you use. I use Adobe Photoshop CS4, but most this tutorial should work for most programs.

STEP 2: Create a curve adjustment layer and click "Auto" (one of my favourite buttons). Drag the black line wherever until you like how it looks.

STEP 3: Create a vignette. Go to Layer > New Fill Layer > Gradient...
And change the settings as shown. Click on the colours to change them and ensure one side is transparent!
Make sure the opacity is NOT set to 100% or it will look horrible.

STEP 4: Create another curve adjustment layer and shape the individual red, green and blue layers as shown.
Remember to change the opacity! Different photos require different opacities and curves.

STEP 5: Adjust the brightness and contrast.

Save your image :)

By the way, you definitely shouldn't follow this exactly. The layers differ for almost every image I edit.  I hope this helps, anyway!


nancy said...

ha this is great eh! thanks for sharing~ =) love your pictures <3

Nena said...

hi! your pictures are sooo stunning.. i love them :D
anyways, im also into photography but i only own a digital camera :'(
well, thanks for sharing the steps, it works ^ ^
let's be friend :)

Anonymous said...

Please make an Photoshop action for this!

Bakkanekko said...

Simple yet cool ;) nice blog! And photos!


It's very sweet of you to share this with everyone. Keep up the good work!

Jen said...

Thanks for this! You're a great inspiration :)

Jeannine said...

Thaaaaanks for the comments!

phenlythylamine said...

I'm seriously in love with your photo's! i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee this. it's amazing. cant you learn me how to do it (A)? haha


trina's reality said...

Thank you! I really want to try it out!