06 January, 2010

Okay haha, I know some of the editing looks kinda weird in some of these. I just got new glasses and there are blue dots everywhere and everything looks slightly fisheyed and blurry around the edges. My apologies. I hope I get used to them soon.. :(

The guy asked me to sit on the elephant and I think I could have peed on his leg. It was scary but amazing.

This little guy was chilling outside my parents' bedroom window. Even monkeys don't like the crusts of bread.

Me killing some babies.


Lies said...

Love all of your photo's!

dancing_in_the_rain said...

I love your pictures! Your trip looks like it was amazing! I love elephants <3 I would definitely ride one if I got the chance!

Andriani Nur Pratiwi said...

is that Indonesia? You came to Indonesia, didnt you?

austin homes said...

Really amazing photos. I'd love to sit on an elephant like that!

Daniella said...

I'm in desperate need of your help and I wanted to ask you a question about cameras, if that's okay? You have a Canon EOS 500D, right? I'm thinking of buying one but I wanted to know what you think of your camera? Do you like it etc?

Because of my budget i have to wait two months to buy it, but I don't know if it's totally worth it to wait or if I should buy the Canon EOS 450D. What do you think?

laurennicolelove.com said...

beautiful. you are fantastic. and holy sh*it to that elephant.

- lauren nicole xoxo

Jeannine said...

Andriani Nur Pratiwi: Yes, this is Indonesia :)

Daniella: I've never used the Canon EOS 450D, so I can't really compare the two. The only significant difference I know is that the Canon EOS 500D can take videos. I've always found it very handy and although it can be a little shaky, I still love it.

Maybe you can go to the shops and ask them if you could try both of them out, if you're still not sure.

I'm sorry I wasn't much of a help!

atmchino said...

the rebel cameras very rarely take big leaps in functionality. the 400d is still far superior in IQ to any compact camera purely because of sensor size. CES is also coming, where canon might hint what new features will be included in the new rebel this year.

but between the two, live view was the big jump with the xsi/450d and video is the big jump with the 500d. except a slight increase in ISO capability and the mic/video, there really is no difference between the two in just about all aspects for Photography. though video is a very tempting upgrade for creativity.