01 January, 2010

I came back from Kangaroo Island last night just in time to go to my dad's business partner's NYE party and we came home early to unpack and caught the fireworks. (Don't go to Kangaroo Island unless you really love driving 50km to reach the closest restaurant.)

I'm pretty happy about how these photos turned out as I didn't use a tripod. (TBH: I hardly know how to use one!) And I'm also lucky to have such badass neighbours ;)

Happy new year! 2009 has definitely been quite an eventful year. I hope you lovely readers enjoyed last year.
I hope to stay vegetarian for the year and have a lot of blood tests.. and to sort through the thousands of photos I've taken over my holidays to share my memories with you :)
Do you have any new year resolutions?


Daniella said...

blood tests? I'm a vegetarian too, been one for a little more than four years now :P

Jeannine said...

Just to make sure I'm on track :P
And congratulations :D