11 December, 2009

Yesterday my parents dragged me along to watch Arlen play with his friends. Who knew watching 8 year olds playing soccer could be so intense? All of these photos are SOOC (Straight Out of Camera) for once in my life. Sorry if you're not interested in sports or find these boring - I know it's not the stuff I usually take. 

I wish I focused these properly! 

The face of victory!

And then it rained.

Also.. never resizing my pictures in Microsoft Office Picture Manager ever again! Yuck..


Stephen K said...

Hurrah for the kid in the Man Utd kit :P Another great selection of photos, J!

atmchino said...

considering your aperture is widest most of the shots, the subjects are focused very well. and they're all composed without noticing the repetition of angles, which saves you from being associated with 'soccer moms' who don't know their camera.

never trust microsoft with pictures. great word prog, pixelated img integration. i'd recommend an app called ifranview if you're bulk resizing sooc pictures.

❤Charlene said...

wanna ask how you forcus ??
Can we use handphone to forcus?
Teach me?