07 November, 2009

Thank goodness the majority of you guys didn't choose to have large images on my blog.
It saves SO much time, and my Flickr account was overloaded :P
Went to our school's country fete and didn't get many pictures.
I wasn't really bothered carrying around my brick of a camera.
But such a lovely brick, at that.
I came home, got bored and took random photos then went to a restaurant with our fellow neighbours.

And ate a squashed cupcake only to spit some of it out because the flower was made out of marshmallows (I'm a picky vegetarian.. leave me alone!).

We saw a dirty car whilst driving to Prahan. Interesting.

Arlen got distracted by some pathetically small looking fountains..

Chez Olivier on Prahan!

My brother likes to blink.

Yeah, it doesn't look too appetising, but it was good!

Yours sincerely.

Creme bruleeeeeeeeee!

Testing out the flash and poor lil' brother is test subject uno.


atmchino said...

vegetarian and marshmallows? =0 i rarely think of food in terms of animals. though, sometimes one doesn't want to know what food contains.

Sheri; said...

you take extremely lovely photos, dear =) and i didn't know marshmallows contained stuff related to meat =O

Jeannine said...

Thank you!
Yeah, unfortunately marshmallows and the majority of gummy lollies contain gelatin which is stuff from animals' bones/ligaments/skin.. D;

Anonymous said...

Your brother is awfully cute :)

Michael Stevenson said...


I am an art student in update NY and have recently been turned on to tumblr. I have been following you and I feel you and I have a very similar aesthetic. There seems to be a large similarity in the imagery we appreciate. I am interested in learning more about you and developing a back and forth about different things. I recognize this may be a little strange but I think there is a lot to be gained from dialogue and I think I can find that with you. I only just started my tumblr but I think it will give you a good snapshot of who I am and would help you discern whether I would be someone you would be interested in getting to know better.


Thanks for your time,
Michael Stevenson Jr

Maga said...

Ok, so I've been around 20 min trying to figure out how to contact you, an email, something, and before trying to add you in facebook I'd like to tell you here the reasons why I really wanna know more about you and would be very happy to meet you: I follow you in Tumblr and here, and I think your photography is amazing. I just started as a photographer -only digital photography though, I've never used film yet- like 3 weeks ago and I have so many projects in mind. I bought the Nikon d90 and I'm just obsessed with it. I'm also doing the 365 days project, I started 5 days ago and I'm happy with it so far, but I really need to improve and know a lot more technique. However, my name is Maga, I'm a writer, a photographer, a musician, a traveller and a filmmaker -when I get the chance-. I live in CT now and I'm in NY most days. I'm orginally from Barcelona, Spain. And if you wanna share writings, photos, comments, conversations -I hate meaningless small talk though-, music, movies, whatever you want, you can follow me on http://maga-capturandomariposas.tumblr.com it's the only web I have in English. Also, my real name is Eva Soto, and I'm also in facebook. I'll try add you in some days anyway. I just love meeting people who look so interesting


Jeannine said...

Thank you both!
These messages mean a lot to me and I really appreciate them.
I'd be glad to add you on Facebook :)

D said...

How do you make your pictures dark around the edges??
They're all very nice btw. :)

Jeannine said...

Thanks :)
I use this..

And mess around with it a little.