24 November, 2009

For the people who want to know how I edit my photos:

Yup, just a simple action. Then I just mess around with the levels and opacity of the layers until I'm happy with it.
I'm lazy and a cheater, I know, I know.
If only film wasn't so expensive.. if only..


atmchino said...

true. i've spent over $100 on a bit over two dozen rolls for one semester. though there's a sense of endearing perfection or some challenge that accompanies learning how to budget your film and capture the shot within that 24/36 limit.

can said...

hey there! just wanna say that your photos look just amazing! you portray the beautiful things just as they are! so keep at it :D

emily chidester said...

hey! i saw you on tumblr and started following your blog too, i've been trying to understand how to do this in photoshop but it seems you can only use paint.net or whatever to edit your photos.. and i love the effect you give your stuff, do you know how to do it in photoshop? thanks!

onic said...

oh i see. i just about to ask how you edit the photos. thank you s much for this. but i always think even if you take pictures of a blank sky it would be very awesome. and still.
hello from your new fan :]

iona broadfoot said...

so if i understand correctly, the photos taken here are with a dslr, and you used the effect to make it look like it was taken with a film camera? awesome.